Michael Nir

Boston, MA - m.nir@sapir-cs.com
Michael Nir, President Sapir Consulting US, is a Business Agility Architect and Strategist; known for his passion, creativity and innovation; His Masters in Engineering and, training in Gestalt balance his technical know-how with emotional intelligence. Michael inspires people and teams to change, experientially and emotionally, while climbing the hill AND reaching the summit. Check out Michael’s Quest for Agile YouTube: How to Survive Your First Day of Remote Work WITHOUT Going Insane https://youtu.be/eWCmnfW0tBo . The author of twelve books on influence, consumer experience, and Lean Agile project management, Michael delivers practical skills gained from eighteen years of experience leading change at global organizations in diverse industries. Michael's latest book, a personal book: How I Lost 17 Pounds During COVID19: https://amzn.to/2E1OVwi
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