Speakers’ Corner

As we all know, this world-wide crisis has changed many business models – both positively and negatively.

For project management speakers, both professional and casual, this is certainly the case.   And for the consumers of project management speakers, PMI Chapters and all sorts of other organizations, this holds true as well: the market for in-person sessions has crashed but the market for virtual presentations has exploded.

As a result, speakers with project management content have a big opportunity in front of them and I would like to help.

If you consider yourself a good speaker with good content that would be of interest to anyone looking to learn, expand their view of the PM world and yes, collect PDUs, then please read on.

ProjectBites is a catalogue/portal of project management content – each unit being 20-minutes in length – that will help market you and your product(s) around the world AND reward you with revenue, based on the consumption of your content.

Here is what you need to know:

  • There is no charge to you
  • You will receive a revenue share from the new portal: 20% of total subscription or licencing revenue collected by ProjectBites, based on a weighted share using video ‘views’. At that time, you will be provided with an ‘audit’ report showing all activity and the calculation for commission payment.
  • As a contributing speaker, you will given access to the whole site, as long as your content is resident on the site.
  • You can submit as many ‘sessions’ as you wish for review and approval
  • All of your contact information plus bio, and session descriptions will be included for anyone who wants to get in touch with you before or after viewing your session(s).
  • People will be able to view all your session details, PLUS a 20-second preview, but NOT the 20-minute session, at no cost.

Next Steps for you. 


We are looking for anything that:

  • is 20 minutes MAX. in length
  • is of interest to any part of the project management community
  • will give the viewer something that they can take away that will make them better at what they do tomorrow

These 20-minute ‘bites’ are NOT 1-hour speeches crammed into 20 minutes.  They are more to-the-point and simplified.  Typically, they contain 3-5 nuggets of learning for the viewer.  The slides are clean, simple and easy to read.  People will leave the 20-minutes having learned something new and interesting into an easy-to-follow, clear format.

The title of your sessions will be critical to ‘our’ success.  They must be catchy and compelling.

If the topic is basic, normal and easily had elsewhere, then it will not sell, and it probably not be accepted to the site.

Some of the more successful session we have had at ProjectTalks over the years:

  • The Critical Importance of a Work Spouse
  • Change Management – The “Scope-Creep” Magic Bullet
  • How To Know When “Agile” Isn’t the Right Answer
  • Metrics: Friend or Foe?
  • Emotionally Intelligent Project Management
  • Putting the Learned back in Lessons Learned
  • Did You Get The Message?
  • Stop Making Innovation a 4-Letter Word
  • The Impact of Culture on Program and Project Performance
  • Raiding for Agile Gold!
  • Game-Changing Project Leadership
  • Artificial Intelligence for Project Management: Hero or Villain?

Consider Contributing your Own Bites