ProjectBites LIVE! Virtual – August 8, 2024

ProjectBites LIVE! (Virtual)
Thursday, August 8, 2024
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Save Surprises for Parties, Not Projects
Jason Orlsoske
“Doesn’t surprise me.”  We commonly hear this phrase but are surprised when unforeseen issues pop up.  You can’t stop all surprises, but in this Bite we’ll look at ways to mitigate them as much as possible.

Jonathan Cinelli
The Misunderstood (7) Letter Word That Plagues Every Project

Culture: What it is and is not.  How it has evolved over time.  (3) things project managers can  do to foster a culture that is robust, secure and trustworthy.

Jonathan Cinelli
Jonathan is an author, a brain based executive coach and has a background in business and project management.  He leans into the decades of expertise within the construction field to courageously listen with curiosity for what’s not being said, helping people and projects excel.  Jonathan, an advocate for lifelong learning enjoys sharing his insight and knowledge with others and believes that when you lead with a people centric approach the world changes. Author- Kick You Ego Aside and Put People first- available on amazon. Contributing author- The Keys to our success V2- available on amazon. Podcast Host- People First, Then Construction- on all podcast players.

Jason Orloske
Transformational project, program, portfolio and PMO leader with over 20 years’ experience helping companies bridge the gap between organizational strategy and operational excellence.  Experienced working with executives and their teams to uncover opportunities, right sizing solutions, and driving execution through implementation.  Skilled at building a culture of success by nurturing fruitful relationships at all levels, being a cross-functional leader, delegating authority to those closest to the information, and gaining commitment on deliverables.

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ProjectBites LIVE – Thursday, August 8, 2024

Thursday, August 8, 2024 Noon – 1pm EST