ProjectBites LIVE! Virtual – June 28, 2022

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

11:00am – Noon EST
12:30pm – 1:30pm NDT
Noon – 1pm ADT

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Business Agility – A Delivery Outcome
Peter Monkhuose
Co-Founder NewGenP

Peter Monkhouse is an experienced speaker, educator, and consultant with over 40 years of experience leading teams and organizations to deliver value through projects. Peter Monkhouse has been a keynote speaker at over 20 events around the world and delivered courses for 20 years at Ryerson, the University of Toronto and the University of Calgary to over 6,000 students. Peter Monkhouse recently co-authored the bestselling book Gen P: New Generation of Product Owners who Care about Customers and given successful presentations and workshops based on the book content to, PMI Toronto, Product Toronto, Procter and Gamble.

Peter Monkhouse co-founded NewGenP with Joanna Tivig and has done consulting work for many organizations including CIBC, the Insurance Institute of Canada, Ontario Government, City of Toronto, and MetroLinx.

Peter Monkhouse is an active volunteer with PMI for over 20 years and presently on the PMI Education Foundation Board of Directors and served as Chair in 2018. Peter served on the PMI Board of Directors for 6 years and was the Chair of the 2012 PMI Board.

Peter Monkhouse has a BSc (Engineering) from Queen’s University, MBA from the University of Toronto, and PMP from PMI.

The Impact of DevOps on Project Managers
SPC5, MSP, ICP-ATF, ICP-AHR, Network+, Security+, A+, Linux+, Atlassian certified
Michael Roberts
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
SPK and Associates

In this talk, we will discuss how project managers are impacted by the implementation of the DevOps methodology in organizations and how DevOps culture changes are the drivers of new technology.  We will challenge common misconceptions on DevOps and focus on the ultimate outcome of an Agile and DevOps implementation while speaking of how project managers can help their organization implement these new practices and tools.


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