Your Project is Failing…

Your Project is Failing…

Peter Monkhouse

Projects are failing at an alarming rate. Some studies show that 2/3’s of projects fail in an organization.
Is this the project manager the fault of the project manager? No! Join me in this ProjectBites talk as I argue that many projects are doom to failure from the start due to the project creating the wrong product at the wrong time.
For organizations to implement their strategy, they need to create products that deliver value to customers. When customers receive value from products, then organizations will receive benefits and achieve their strategy. This presentation introduces the strategy implementation circle that shows how products are critical to organizational success. If you have success products, then you will have successful projects.

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1 Hour Version Description: Organizations and products are failing at an alarmingly high rate in today’s economy. It is more important than ever that organizations can implement their strategy as effectively as possible. Studies done by PMI show that organizations that are effective at implementing strategy use projects. But this is not the full story. For an organization to achieve its strategic objectives, they need great products. This webinar will introduce the strategy implementation circle showing the role of project and products in support an organization in implementing strategy. The webinar will highlight the need for organizations to use an iterative approach to product development and project execution. The relationship between products and projects and product owners and project managers will be explored in an iterative environment that focuses on delivering products that add value to customers.
Workshop Version Description: In today’s world, the speed of change is accelerating. Organizations need to ensure that their products are continuously being reviewed and updated to ensure that they meet customer expectations and respond to competitive pressures. To address this, organizations are creating Product Owner’s roles, introducing agile approaches for product development, and determining which features to add and the priority to their products. This workshop will provide practical techniques for interactive product development and the application of agile principles. In the course, you will develop a product using an iterative development approach. While developing the product, you will learn agile techniques that help Product Owners improve quality and deliver products on-time, key agile concepts, the role of product owners in interactions with other roles, and discuss five key characteristics of product owners. Upon completion of this course, you will have a better understanding of the activities the Product Owners perform on a day to day basis so that you can be successful in your job.

Your Project is Failing...

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