Will AI Replace the Project Manager?

Will AI Replace the Project Manager?

Paul Boudreau

Why are organizations determined to implement AI tools in project management? Don’t project managers have a role to play in how projects are delivered now and in the future? This thought-provoking video connects the reality of AI technology and the undeniable impact on project managers. A concise introduction of some important AI concepts is followed by a description of the ability to implement and use AI on an ongoing basis without a project manager.
As part of my current AI research, I am investigating software algorithms that can implement a project without the need for a project manager. In this BITE, I share some of my insights and conclusions.

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Will AI Replace the Project Manager?

1 thought on “Will AI Replace the Project Manager?”

  1. Wesley Belanger

    Great topic. I am a CFP as well as a PMP and I know financial advisors are competing with Robo-Advisors much in the same way as I think PMs might one day see AI creep into our Project Management field and I agree with Paul, AI will just be a tool to help PMs in the future, not a replacement.

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