Tomorrow’s Teams Today!

Tomorrow’s Teams Today!

Priya Patra

Socio Economic volatility, overnight digital transformation, suddenly remote teams have challenged project managers to challenge the status quo. Today’s teams are dispersed, diverse and virtual. But tomorrow’s team may not be so.
A new survey suggests that at least 16 percent of employees will remain at-home workers long after COVID-19 recedes, which means we may move to a hybrid model. It is time need to think differently about our teams !
It is time to build teams for tomorrow today – Teams ready for Anything. The core principles
Collaboration is not optional – Collaboration is not only working together—it’s working with the team in a total participative organization
Keep the Customer at heart
Empathy for the voice of the customer. Teams need to keep the user’s needs in mind from the very start. Making consumer feedback the backbone of planning and execution will help teams stay on track to deliver meaningful value.
Make Technology your friend
AI, data analytics can also lighten a team’s burden when it comes to mining customer insights. BOTS to augment your teams to take care of the repetitive tasks.
AND my favourite
Agility all the way – Teams must be built with flexibility in mind. As roles and responsibilities are redefined for the day after, teams that embrace an all-for-one mentality will be best prepared to adjust on the fly.

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Tomorrow's Teams Today!

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