To Get a PM Tool, or To Not Get a PM Tool

To Get a PM Tool, or To Not Get a PM Tool

Jason Orloske

So you think you need a project management tool? When it comes to researching, finding and implementing a project management software tool, treat it like a project! Instead of asking for recommendations and making a buy decision based on random feedback, gather a team, document requirements, and choose the platform that will enhance and streamline existing processes. This bite encompasses suggestions and tips based on doing a number of project management software implementations across a variety of industries and company sizes.

Jason Orloske, Fargo, ND -

Transformational project, program, portfolio and PMO leader with over 20 years’ experience helping companies bridge the gap between organizational strategy and operational excellence. Experienced working with executives and their teams to uncover opportunities, right sizing solutions, and driving execution through implementation. Skilled at building a culture of success by nurturing fruitful relationships at all levels, being a cross-functional leader, delegating authority to those closest to the information, and gaining commitment on deliverables.

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To Get a PM Tool, or To Not Get a PM Tool

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