Strength Spotting in Project Management

Strength Spotting in Project Management

Megan Mitchell

As a PM, how you connect with people on your projects makes a huge impact on the outcome. Do you ever pause to recognize what character strengths people bring to your projects? When you notice the character strengths, it elevates people’s leadership abilities that they might not even know they have. When people discover their greatest character strengths, they learn how to better handle challenges and opportunities, resulting in improved outcomes on both personal and professional levels. In this workshop, we will speak about what character strengths are, how to spot them in yourself and others, and the benefits of strength spotting in project management. (Check out if you want to take a free survey in advance of the workshop.)

Megan Mitchell, Toronto , ON -

Megan is a dynamic speaker, consultant, coach, facilitator, and educator. She is the founding partner of Mitchell Consulting and serves as the Program Director for the Centre of Excellence in Innovation Leadership at the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University. Megan recognizes the connection between individual well-being and healthy work environments to bring out our creative best. She incorporates key learning from her Certificate in Positive Psychology into all her programs. She is a former Director of Innovation and Leadership Development with Johnson & Johnson Inc. and Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. In 2018, Megan co-authored a book with Marilyn Blocker and Andrea Zintz entitled Orchestrating Sustainable Innovation.

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Strength Spotting in Project Management

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