Self-Coaching: 4 Steps to Success

Self-Coaching: 4 Steps to Success

Diana Kawarsky

Self-Coaching is a self-directed activity which enables you to move forward and embrace your next challenge readily and excitedly without incurring huge costs. It is based on the premise that no one knows you better than yourself.  You are an expert in your own life and work, and you are both creative and resourceful. It is how you can being your best to the next project meeting or to the whole project management process. Self-coaching helps both you and your projects to get you un-stuck so that you can take charge of your opportunities or “problems” and maintain control of your own successes.

  • How can I work towards my own self-improvement?
  • What are the 4 GROW steps to self-coaching success?
  • How can I keep myself moving forward?

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Self-Coaching: 4 Steps to Success

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