Put Your Phone Away and Lead

Put Your Phone Away and Lead

Jonathan Cinelli -
In an instantaneous response orientated world, it becomes really easy to stay connected to our devices.  In this bite Jonathan Cinelli explors the importance of connecting with people purposefully disconnecting from our phones and showing up with presence.  Being wholeheartedly available to our teams is one of the greatest gifts we can offer and sets the foundation for strong, robust, successful teams.

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Workshop Version Description: Jonathan speaks passionately about the importance of presence as it pertains to building trust within teams, acknowledging that presence is not fully achievable when connected to our digital worlds. Through a specifically tailored workshop (in person or virtually) Jonathan provides the tools and techniques designed to re-orientate mindsets leading with a People First Approach; designed for high performance, sustainability and robust teams. To learn more connect at jonathancinelli.com

Put Your Phone Away and Lead

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