Project Saboteur

Project Saboteur

Jason Orloske

With the words of Ian Fleming in mind, “Once is Happenstance.  Twice is Coincidence.  Third time is Enemy Action.” we can help identify those stealthy and cunning, Project Saboteurs!  For whatever reason, they don’t want your project to be successful and want to harm your reputation in the process.  In this bite, we’ll talk about dealing with the people effectively, from someone who’s had his fair share of potential sabotages!

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Workshop Version Description: There is mention of a "Supportive Stakeholder" from the presentation "Creating a Successful Project Environment." This 45 minute presentation talks about creating a holistic project environment based on four key pillars; Begin with the End in Mind, Stakeholder Management, Project Team Dynamics and Good Processes.

Project Saboteur

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