Project Management on Two Wheels

Project Management on Two Wheels

Deyanira Mendoza Dominguez

Project Management on Two Wheels-How a 73,000km Journey Made Me a Better Project Manager.
a. My journey through the Americas and how that became a project. I do not need to be a millionaire or retired to create that experience many times.
b. I will focus on risk management to encourage people to see life projects as possible when due diligence is exercised.
c. I will highlight the three major outcomes of the 26-month journey: increased network, increased knowledge, increased/diversified revenue.

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Project Management on Two Wheels

1 thought on “Project Management on Two Wheels”

  1. Wesley Belanger

    Incredible Adventure, love the video and tips on utilizing Project Management in your life. I complete Ironman Triathlons and laugh at times of how I approach a given year with my Project Planning skills and tools. Cheers Wes.

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