Life of P: The Product

Life of P: The Product

Joanna Tivig

In a continuously changing environment, we need to think about the way we deliver value to our customers and our organizations. Let’s switch the conversation from projects to products, understand what customers care about, and how we can satisfy the needs of the customers. We will look at the entire product life-cycle and we will discuss how each component contribute to a successful product delivery. We will focus on Agile execution and on the benefits of building a high-performing product team.
Learn some great Agile and product management practices to help you manage projects and ultimately products.

Joanna Tivig, Toronto, ON -

Joanna is Co-Founder of NewGenP and co-author of the best selling book, Gen P: New Generation of Product Owners Who Care About Customers. She is a senior leader with over 20 years of executive experience leading project and product development initiatives. Joanna has worked in Europe, Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean. She led multiple teams through successful implementation of application development, mergers and acquisition and organizational transformations. She currently teaches for University of Toronto SCS as a lead instructor for the agile courses and she is a board member for Product Owner Toronto (PO TO). In her spare time, Joanna likes to bike and hike with her lovely family and to paint.

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1 Hour Version Description: We will review in detail each stage of the entire product lifecycle and how these stages contribute to successful product implementations. Then we will analyze the roles in product management through the 6 hats of product management and how they apply in the stages of the product life-cycle. At the end we will discuss the benefits of a product team and of a product, to help you make the pitch to a product mindset for your organization.
Workshop Version Description: Organizations need to understand how products deliver value to customers and the benefits of a product mindset. We will work through an example that will show you the shift from project to product thinking, allowing you to practice a big picture view. We will also go through the 6 hats of product management and we will practice these hats in an exercise, to help you manage your products through the entire product life-cycle. At the end we will discuss the characteristics of a high-performing product team, including some practical tools and techniques to get your team there.

Life of P: The Product

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