Learn From 3 Failed Attempts at Resource Management

Learn From 3 Failed Attempts at Resource Management

Jeff Manhardt

Implementing project management tools in a resource constrained environment is essential for Project & Portfolio Management success. So how do you ensure successful resource management? Simple, have a plan, and leverage best practices. Following the resource management life cycle in this session will give you the head start you need to gain control over your resources!
Employees are the most valuable asset and the biggest expense for most organizations. Any organization that fails to manage their resources to ensure that sufficient capacity is available, and that they are being assigned and managed efficiently, risks losing control of its project and work costs and having its business activities seriously constrained. The ability to deploy employees effectively against often conflicting projects and other work priorities enables organizations to optimize their return on human resource investments. In order to maximize both task throughput and company morale, resource and project managers need an efficient system to place the appropriate staff on the right teams at the right time.

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Learn From 3 Failed Attempts at Resource Management

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