Improving Resource Capacity Without Hiring

Improving Resource Capacity Without Hiring

Chris Vandersluis

In this presentation we are going to show you Project Management magic. Not a sleight of hand, not a trick.  We’re going to show you how to create something out of nothing.  In this case: Time.  Finding resource capacity sounds simple, just add staff but in reality it’s not simple at all.  Even when you can add staff, on-boarding, training, getting people up to speed all takes time and for most organizations hiring more resources is simply not possible right now.  But what if you could find all kinds of capacity with many of your own already-hired, already-trained, already-knowledgeable staff? 
You can.We’ll go through some actual examples of our clients who have been able to find time in places project managers don’t normally look and instantly increase their resource capacity but 10%, 16% even 50%.We don’t want to waste your time so this session will go quickly.  Find out how to create time and increase resource capacity in only 20 minutes!

Chris Vandersluis, Tampa, FL -

Mr. Vandersluis is the president and founder of HMS Software based in Montreal, Canada. HMS was created in 1984 as a company specializing in Project Management and Timesheet systems. HMS started as a consulting and distribution firm deploying project systems in Canada and creating custom built add-ons to those systems such as timesheets. This brought HMS and Mr. Vandersluis to large Canadian clients in the utilities, manufacturing, aerospace and defense industries. In 1994, Mr. Vandersluis transformed HMS into a project management software publishing firm with the launch of the TimeControl timesheet system. TimeControl is a project-based timesheet system known as one of the most flexible and integrate-able timesheets in the world. It includes links with some of the largest project management systems including Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, SharePoint, BrightWork, ARES PRISM, Deltek EPM, VisionOne and InEight’s Hard Dollar. These technical alliances has brought Mr. Vandersluis into many of the firms you recognize for project management today. Mr. Vandersluis has decades-long relationships with Microsoft and the Microsoft Project team and Oracle-Primavera. Mr. Vandersluis has been published in numerous publications including Fortune Magazine, Heavy Construction News, the AMA Handbook on Project Management and the Ivey Business Journal. He has written columns for PMI’s PMNetwork magazine, Computing Canada magazine, Microsoft’s TechNet and Project Times and is the author of the popular project management blog He has taught Advanced Project Management at Montreal’s McGill University and speaks at project management association functions across North America and around the world. Mr. Vandersluis has been a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) since 1986. For more information on Mr. Vandersluis, and to contact him visit

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Improving Resource Capacity Without Hiring

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