Getting the Elephant Out & Into the Room

Getting the Elephant Out & Into the Room

Amber McMillan

Getting the Elephant Out & Into the Room. Have you ever been in a meeting and felt there was an obvious problem or difficult situation that people did not want to talk about? Or perhaps, where difficult conversations were happening, there seemed to be confusion or inaccuracies in what the true issue was? These ‘elephants’ can take up valuable time and space, erode work culture, and prevent us from focusing on important project priorities.

This Project Bite will reveal 5 steps PM’s can take to coax these elephants out of the room so they can be understood,  named and  leveraged to speed up work and build better project culture.

Amber McMillan, Victoria, BC -

Leadership Educator, Non-Profit Expert, Executive Educator, Thought Leader, Online Content Creator and Speaker Amber is a diversely skilled professional with unique approach for innovating and leading projects in various environments. With experience in all aspects of project, change and people management as well as operations and organizational strategy, she is committed to the highest of standards, works diligently to create positive working environments and is motivated by her own contagious enthusiasm. With tangible credentials and over 25 years of experience in both profit and not-for-profit environments, she is well equipped to contribute her skill set in complex organizations in need of dynamic and proprietary services.

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Getting the Elephant Out & Into the Room

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