From Project Manager to Impact Driver

From Project Manager to Impact Driver

Laura Barnard

From Project Manager to Impact Driver. Chaos is nothing new to project leaders that have been in the center of it all for decades. But managing change is even more challenging when uncertainty is compounded and directives are switching regularly. We weren’t expecting a global pandemic, yet this catalyst for change has created even more VUCA in organizations. This requires project leaders to shed the traditional project management role and shift gears toward a more agile and nimble operating model that accelerates IMPACT on every project. Get in the driver’s seat with Laura as she shares her roadmap for a professional tune up that will help you lead your projects and team into the new normal.

Laura Barnard, Fort Lauderdale, FL -

Laura has been instrumental in bringing PMOs and Project Management to the strategy table for almost two and a half decades. She knows just how hard it can be to drive effective and sustainable change in organizations, having spent 15 years in the role of PMO leader and now she helps organizations accelerate business growth, evolution and sustainability leveraging the power of project management and the PMO. She has developed a unique and powerful system for growing organizational project management competency with a deliberate focus on driving high-IMPACT outcomes on every project. Considered a thought leader in the Project Management community, Laura shares her insights and stories on the PMO Strategies Podcast, where she is shaking up the way the industry thinks about our role in driving strategy realization. Laura welcomes you to join her community of IMPACT Drivers at

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From Project Manager to Impact Driver

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