Five Capabilities for Optimal Performance

Five Capabilities for Optimal Performance

George Pitagorsky

Five Capabilities for Optimal Performance. This Project Bite identifies five capabilities that when woven together enable optimal performance. – the ability to balance multiple, often conflicting objectives while making the most effective use of resources. The capabilities are 1) systems and process thinking, 2) project management, 3) problem solving and decision making, 4) managing change and 5) optimizing relationships. These five rest on a foundation of mindful awareness and wisdom (see the The Keys to Success Project Bite). You will learn how the five capabilities help to overcome common obstacles to optimal performance

George Pitagorsky, NYC, NY -

George Pitagorsky is a globally recognized thought leader in project management and the application of mindful awareness and systems and process thinking in daily life with a people centered, adaptive perspective. George has decades of experience in organizations and private practice. He has performed as an entrepreneur, executive, meditation teacher, product developer, management consultant, program and project manager, coach, speaker and facilitator. He is a published author with four books and hundreds of articles on cognitive readiness, managing expectations and conflict as well as topics that address non-dual wisdom and meditation. His forty-plus years of meditation practice, yoga and Tai Chi, and learning from masters from multiple traditions is woven together with practical experience into optimal living and performing. George is available for coaching, team building and speaking engagements.

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Five Capabilities for Optimal Performance

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