Feedback: More Than Criticism

Feedback: More Than Criticism

Nan Gesche

The word “feedback” has become a stress inducing word. Team members and project managers alike dread the thought of giving and receiving feedback. We put off, or hold back, sharing our observations of other’s performance because of this negative connotation.

Yet feedback when done with the right intentions, using more productive language, can result in improved performance, relationships, and employee engagement. We need to engage team members by making sure they know what they are doing well as what might need to be tweaked. If you want to build your skills, this is a great place to start for tips on how to give effective feedback. Of course, it also requires practice using these tips and reflecting on what changed.

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1 Hour Version Description: Same
Workshop Version Description: For full day events, this would be a few hours in a longer course called Conversational Intelligence. We we also discuss creating candid conversations and dealing with differences.

Feedback: More Than Criticism

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