Empathy in PM – Wishful Thinking or Not?

Empathy in PM – Wishful Thinking or Not?

Gail Levitt

Empathy in PM – Wishful Thinking or Not? Is there a place for empathy in a busy project environment, or do the Triple Constraints still rule as more important?  Update your knowledge of the misconceptions and realities of empathy when managing projects within a volatile environment of constant demands and change. Learn more about both sides of the Empathy Debate in Project Management, for and against making empathy more of a focus for projects and teams. Acquire new insights about empathy from a collaborative and influential leadership perspective. In this practical ProjectBite video, Dr. Gail Levitt argues that empathy does have a place in PM, and that with a realistic mindset and genuine behaviors, you can get more done in less time, and receive more support from others you delegate to for better results. Acquire practical tips on do’s and don’ts for how to demonstrate empathy efficiently and authentically to gain trust, buy-in, commitment, and accountability for peak performance in a volatile project environment.

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Empathy in PM - Wishful Thinking or Not?

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