Earnest not Arrogant

Earnest not Arrogant

Amber McMillan

Earnest not Arrogant: Leading with EQ. Allowing your ego to lead the way as a leader can have grave consequences. An arrogant leader lacks emotional intelligence but an earnest leader uses it to empower their team members to work at their best. This Project Bite will delve into how to parse apart the moments in leadership where one can self-regulate their own emotions to better influence others. Amber will share some of her own lessons learned in becoming a more earnest leader that values other people’s ideas, admits when they’re wrong, remains open-minded and allows their actions to speak louder than their words.

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Earnest not Arrogant

1 thought on “Earnest not Arrogant”

  1. Jhon Jairo Villa Ramirez

    I loved this video, I’ve seen myself in some of the examples given and I truly believe a real leader doesn’t have the need to prove anything. The more you are willing to give out that power, the more your team will empower you.

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