Did You Get the Message?

Did You Get the Message?

Tiffany Bernard

Miscommunication can lead to unintentional complications. Who needs that in project management? Discover common workplace communication barriers. Learn more effective communication tools to improve project success.

Tiffany Bernard, CHICAGO, Illinois - tiffany@tiffanybernard.com

"Dynamic" is the essence of Tiffany Bernard, M.A.. Tiffany is a certified Life & Career Coach, Success Strategist, Corporate Trainer, Professional Counselor, an Author, and Transformational Speaker. As CEO of Anew Life to Live, she is a master at designing programs to drive real, tangible transformation. With 16-years of experience, Tiffany is dedicated to helping personal clients, as well as entire organizations, accomplish "Power Moves"; taking dynamic goals, and transforming them into reality.

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Did You Get the Message?

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