Co-creation vs Buy-in: Handling Change in a VUCA World

Co-creation vs Buy-in: Handling Change in a VUCA World

Lisa Lueck

Originated with students at the U.S. Army War College, VUCA was used to describe the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the world after the Cold War. This concept has been gaining new relevance, in the past few years to characterize the competitive landscape and the leadership required to navigate it successfully. Unpredictable events happening outside an organization can be negative or positive, but either present greater VUCA, which makes it more difficult for leaders and teams to make decisions and pivot quickly. In most cases the workplace is no longer a fixed and predictable place and as such we need to consider and approach the people and organizational cultural change impacts differently. This talk will walk you through some tactics to foster the right conditions for people to build change agility into their work approach.

Lisa Lueck, Regina, SK -

Agile and lean enthusiast, coach and instructor. Lisa promotes a culture of continuous improvement and growth through coaching, training, consulting, facilitation, and experimentation. Lisa is a change agent who effectively aligns executive leaders to drive business critical opportunities and valuable outcomes for customers. She coaches and mentors’ leaders and teams with proven track record of increasing both team and organizational agility. Lisa has almost 20 years of multi-disciplinary roles in insurance information technology. She continues to research and learn ways to combine coaching and training to evolve the best of traditional practices with state-of-the-art lean and agile techniques.

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Co-creation vs Buy-in: Handling Change in a VUCA World

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