Change is Changing…Are You?

Change is Changing…Are You?

Diana Kawarsky

How can you improve your change and transition management skills? What is happening on the human side of change? How can you build your resilience to adapt to change successfully? What are personal strategies to manage change well? How can you develop your own skills moving forward? Managing change well asks for you to recognize the transition stages that we have reviewed and for you to see that it is indeed a fluid process that means that there may not be a strict linear experience. Change has its predictability and unpredictability.  We know all change requires these phases of transition.

Be sure to manage or deal with endings before proceeding to beginnings this can be key to you managing change well recognize what has happened and the first phase of transition requiring that people identify what may be no longer the status quo. Keep in mind that there is a bounty of opportunity for creativity and innovation in what is often underappreciated.

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Change is Changing...Are You?

2 thoughts on “Change is Changing…Are You?”

  1. Melissa Vlasak

    Really good points and areas to think about … and practice! And really good reminders that change is a process and needs to be reinforced (more than once!)

    I liked that there were slides, next to the speaker, too.

    Great presentation … thank you!

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