Being “Collaborative” in Project Management

Being “Collaborative” in Project Management

Gail Levitt

Are you a true collaborator, or do you just think you are?  If you asked your stakeholders if you are being truly “collaborative” when you interact with them, would they say “yes” or “no”?  Their perceptions can make a big difference for project success or failure.  Learn the four obstacles to collaboration, and how they contribute to many project managers’ beliefs that they are being truly “collaborative,” when, in fact, four key obstacles to collaboration and three common project management myths serve as roadblocks.  Learn about three ways that you can ensure that you are being truly “collaborative” with others in credible and effective ways. Explore the mindset and language of collaboration for consistency in how you think and act when you attempt to collaborate.  Identify four simple steps you can take to make being “collaborative” a reality for you and your team, without taking too much time, and for peak performance.

Gail Levitt, Toronto, ON -

Dr. Gail Levitt specializes in collaboration and influence, and has extensive experience managing projects and teams for diverse organizations, including Hewlett-Packard, Nestle, Nabisco, and the government. She is President of Levitt Communications Inc. in Toronto, Ontario. Her company offers global training, coaching, and mentoring both virtually and in person for over 3,000 professionals annually on related topics, including the following: negotiating skills; team development; collaborative communication; critical thinking and problem-solving; influencing without authority; productivity and time management; change leadership; dealing with difficult stakeholders and clients. Gail’s diverse clients include executive education programs at universities and colleges, and diverse organizations in the public and private sectors. Highlights include: Ryerson University; Schulich Executive Education, York University; Sauder Executive Education, University of British Columbia; Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan; Boston University; The George Washington University; Verizon; Home Depot; TD Bank; Loblaws; Siemens; Toyota; PMI. Gail’s most recent book is The Truth About Collaborating: Why People Fail and How to Succeed, which is part of the Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior Collection of Business Expert Press. She is also the author of Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts, part of the Project Management series for CRC Press. She has also written many articles on accountability and influence in the workplace. Gail is currently working on a book about Mark Twain and is a member of the American Society of Poets. She enjoys music, art, and hiking with her dog, Einstein.

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Being “Collaborative” in Project Management

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