Are You an “Inspirational” Project Leader

Are You an “Inspirational” Project Leader

David Barrett

During my 6 years of blogging, one of the most popular pieces I ever wrote was on how to inspire our people. We all know great leaders and when we think about what we admire so much, it is most often their ability to inspire and to be inspiring. The ’why’ to this is easy. The ‘how’ is not so easy. Enjoy.

David Barrett, Collingwood, ON -

David Barrett is a professional speaker, regular blogger, podcast host, author and education advisor. David’s career includes the creation and directing of a project management conference business: ProjectWorld and Project Summit, a training company, a software development firm, a speaker bureau, and project management portal called and most recently, a TED-style event series for project professionals across North America. He is currently the National Program Director for the Centres of Excellence in Project Management and Business Analysis with the Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York University and the founder of the Masters Certificate in Project Management. He is the author, co-author or ‘compiler’ of 7 books including: ‘The Power of The Plan’, two version of ‘The Keys to Our Success’, ‘Leadership Perspectives’ and ‘7 Elements of Strategy Execution’.

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Are You an "Inspirational" Project Leader

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