Are You an Emergency or Emergent Leader?

Are You an Emergency or Emergent Leader?

Jill Birch

In these disruptive times, finance leaders are well on their on their way to re-writing the scripts of almost every part of their day. They’re ready to lead in supporting the institution’s well-being, coaching new competencies required during and after the pandemic and centrally positioning their contributions to grow and nurture culture. What all of this tells us is that finance leaders are ready to reignite their leadership in new ways to support themselves, their institutions and society as a whole.

Join this energizing keynote address to learn how relational leadership will inspire, motivate and embody new ways to think about how we lead, how we develop ourselves – and others – as leaders. Following nine years of research, Dr. Jill Birch has designed a framework opening up ways to empower you to create real and meaningful change, foster connective intelligence, spark authentic collaboration and integrate new perspectives that spark innovation.

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Are You an Emergency or Emergent Leader?

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