6 Roles a Kick-Ass Project Manager Plays

6 Roles a Kick-Ass Project Manager Plays

Ivy Lewis

A kick-ass project manager is someone who can handle multiple critical roles in an organization. In the project economy, the project manager role is becoming increasingly challenging. How do you wear each hat comfortably, and manage to transition from one role to another seamlessly? In this video, I will share with you 6 roles a kick-ass project manager plays. They are: task manager, time tracker, financial analyst, cheerleader, project PR, negotiator. I will also share with you tips and tricks on how to master these roles.

Ivy Lewis, Northville, Michigan - ivy@zl-consulting.com

After 15 years of program management experience in the automotive industry, and successfully executed various types of complex projects, I have decided to build a project management community to raise the impact of project management and establish project management as a culture by creating ZL Consulting LLC. I am passionate about knowledge sharing through content creation. I am also on the board of directors at PMI-HVC chapter.

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6 Roles a Kick-Ass Project Manager Plays

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