4 Ways to Keep Virtual Teams Engaged

4 Ways to Keep Virtual Teams Engaged

Diana Kawarsky

If you manage virtual employees or teams, keep in mind that it’s all too easy to let out-of-sight turn into out-of-mind. But be aware: Ignore them, and they’ll go away.  Learn the 4 ways you can apply engagement best practices to your virtual team. Project team engagement in a geographically dispersed environment requires new skills from project managers, new skills you can learn in this brief video including: encouraging social support, unambiguous team rules and challenging the team regularly with fresh facts.

  • How can I keep my virtual project team engaged?
  • What are the stages of team development that I can use in engaging my virtual project team?
  • What are techniques to improve my virtual project team performance?

Diana Kawarsky, Toronto, Ontario - diana@tssg.ca

Diana is President of The Soft Skills Group Inc.www.tssg.ca. She is a senior training & development professional 25+ years of experience in delivery, design & consulting with Fortune 500 companies, Universities & Colleges in Canada, the USA, Asia and Europe. Diana teaches regularly at the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) of the York University where her feedback ranks her within the top 3% of all faculty. An energetic, results-oriented consultant, Diana takes great pride in influencing the human side of business. She has delivered training for banks, investment firms, law firms, and wealth management corporations. Her experience has breadth from working with a variety of professionals from new hires to seasoned executives, C Suite level; totaling over 120000 clients to date. Diana is the author of Soft Skills Volume 1, a clever go-to resource for professionals to improve themselves and set themselves up for success and her first E-book The Soft Cs, providing insights to put your best self forward.

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4 Ways to Keep Virtual Teams Engaged

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